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Welcome, to the wonderful world of icing! You might have heard this technique called piping, and it is traditionally known as tube lining, this decorative technique is featured in several of our Technique Sets.

This technique was a popular method of ceramic decoration in early Victorian times.  Primarily used for tile decoration, patterns were outlined using a hand-help bladder or glass pipette filled with stand-up glaze.  With Arlene’s Icing, you can apply it to greenware, and/or bisque. You can also apply it under or over glaze.  Arlene’s Icing is a versatile and flexible product containing a mixture of glaze ingredients, gums, stabilizers and deflocculated clays.  It is presently available in either natural or black and can be fired from cone 018 to cone 6 and anywhere in between.

Original tube liners used liquid slip on leather-hard ware (wet ware).  This is too inconvenient for most ceramists today.  Arlene’s Icing has been developed to adhere to both greenware and bisque.  You can paint over it as soon as it dries (about 10 minutes) using commercial ceramic colors without first firing or re-firing to set the Icing.  As mentioned previously It is stable for use on projects up to cone 6, and is therefore suitable for earthenware and stoneware and the type of porcelain techniques which utilize these temperatures.  You can also use it over already fired glaze.

Arlene’s Icing can be used at all stages, greenware or bisque, just pipe, and allow to set, paint and fire or pipe, fire and paint.  You can also add Icing on top of your colors at any time before the final glaze firing.

Do not refrigerate!  Keep Arlene’s Icing at room temperature.  Store in the Container.  Product can be reactivated with water.  Simply add water, stir or shake.

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Now - A premium quality liner brush!

I have had many requests and here’s what I can now recommend. It’s a Red Sable Hair #0 Liner. It is excellent for fine lines, pen & ink techniques, delicate detailing, tendrils and crosshatching. This brush will truly help you make those little lines with ease—a good brush DOES make all the difference.  Additionally. When properly cared for this brush will last you for years. 

thundering gourd hardware

New - Thundering gourd components!

This is all you need to make your gourds THUNDER! Just a special spring and a drum.  The drums are available in 2 sizes-4 inch and 6 inch.  Drums are supplied with the spring as a set and there is also the option to just purchase the spring separately.